Balance Me

 6 Week Weightloss Wellness Programme

Do you recognise any of these feelings?


  • Struggling to get into your favourite clothes?

  • Tired of dieting and sick of being a slave to the gym?

  • Feel like you can't lose weight no matter what you do?

  • Ready to find a sustainable way of staying in shape without going hungry?

  • Wish you had more energy or felt better?


If this sounds like you, Balance Me could be for you.

Most people when they want to lose weight aim to just eat less and exercise more. This can help but it's often not sustainable and for many doesn't address why they are struggling with their weight in the first place.

'Balance Me' is a weight loss wellness programme with a difference. It's Balance Me' because it's all about balancing the many hormones that play a role in weight gain. 


This programme is not a quick fix, it's about adapting to a new lifestyle and addressing the root cause of why you struggle with your weight in the first place. 

'Balance Me' will help you to get control of your weight for good so you never have to go on a diet again. It's designed with wellness in mind, side effects include...more energy, better moods, more rested sleep!

Just a flavour of the topics covering in 'Balance Me'


  • Mindset - Your body listens to both your conscious and unconscious mind,  changing the messages you send  to you body, can change the way your body performs. 

  • Stress - When we get stressed we release cortisol, our 'stress hormone', this can impact on blood sugar balance and the balance of other hormones, leading to weight gain. 

  • The Thyroid - Thyroid hormones play a massive role in setting our metabolism i.e whether we hold onto calories or not.  

  • Sex hormones - Bad PMS, painful periods, fibroid's, food cravings? Your body could be holding on to more oestrogen that it should be and this could be holding you back from losing weight.

  • Gut health - There are trillions of bacteria residing in your gut, some help you to store more calories than you should. Improving your gut health can aid weight loss. 

  • Sleep and restoration -  A lack of sleep can seriously wreak havoc on your hormones. Improving your sleep can help to get your hormone back in check and help the pounds drop off.

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