Online Consultations Now Available 

I can only assume that like me you're worried about the current Covid-19 situation. I can safely say that I've never witnessed anything like this and how much this is going to affect our day to day lives are right now, changing daily.
That is why it's even more important to take control where we can and nothing is more vital than our health and wellbeing right now.
I, like many of you, are self-isolating as much as I possibly can. As a way of providing continued support and adapting to the current crisis, I have now made my services available online. I want nothing more than to be of service to my community in these difficult times and this is the best way I feel I can contribute. 
I appreciate that many are struggling with financial strain at the moment but still want to take care of their health, I have, therefore, decided to provide a select few consultations on a donation only basis, in order to make myself accessible to those who perhaps cannot afford my full consultation fees. If you would like to be considered for a donation only consultation, please let me know.
 I  would like to make it absolutely clear that I remain humble when it comes to Covid-19, despite a wealth of knowledge about health and wellbeing, I'm in no position to provide advice about how to combat this specific novel virus.   However, I can advise you on how you can improve your health in general and I do believe that the stronger our overall health, the better we might fare should we ever contract this virus.
For example, understandably many people are stressed to the nines, probably not sleeping well, dealing with food shortages and restricted budgets.  
How can I help with this? 
Provide advice on how to build healthy and nutritious meals 
Recipe ideas for inexpensive but nutritious meals
Investigate possible nutrient sufficiencies and how you can restore more optimal levels
Provide guidance about how you can become more resilient to stress through making diet and lifestyle changes
Advise on ways to help you support more restful sleep 
These are just a few ways in which I can offer support to help you improve your overall health.
Initial consultation (75 minutes) 
Follow up consultations (45 minutes)
Held via Skype or Zoom.
I offer free 30 minute no-obligation wellness calls to all those interested in working with me. Why not get in touch and book a call