Hormone Health

Do you recognise any of these feelings?


  • Feel exhausted all the time

  • Terrible food cravings 

  • Uncontrollable mood swings

  • Feeling tearful

  • Low energy 

  • Terrible period pains 

  • Lumpy, painful breasts

  • Struggling with your weight 


These are just a few signs that you hormone may be out of balance

When balanced, our hormones are like a symphony played by an orchestra, all the notes in tune and working together to create a beautiful Viennese waltz. But for many of us this delicate balance can become disrupted, when one hormone becomes out of balance, it often sends others out of whack.

This can leave you feeling pretty crummy!

What you eat and how you live your life can have a huge impact on your hormonal balance. 

To help support you on identifying how your hormones are functioning, I can offer the following services. It's important to note that as we're all individual, you may not need everything listed below. We can tailor the offering to suit your needs. That's why we should always have a chat before working on a suitable plan. 

As standard, I will always advise some form of female hormone testing. I am a firm believer that when it comes to hormones, it's best to test not guess!

Depending on a clients circumstances, I may recommend either simple saliva testing or a more in-depth DUTCH Dried Urine Assessment test. 

The information gained from testing allows to develop a personalised and targeted nutritional and lifestyle advice you need to get back to feeling yourself again, with your hormone working for you and not against you.