I'm Elizabeth, a qualified Nutritional Therapist and founder of Feel Good through Food.
My mission in life is to help people optimise their health and live with vitality.  
I believe there's no "one plan fits all" way of eating. Each of us is genetically and biologically unique, with different lifestyles and different goals. As a nutritional therapist, my goal is to understand who you are and how you live, this allows me to develop a plan tailor-made to you specifically.
Education is key to change.
I will inform, support and empower you to make realistic, sustainable shifts in diet and lifestyle to bring about improvements in health.

Take back control of your health.

Nutrition & Lifestyle provide the foundations for good health.

Free 30 minute no obligation wellness calls 


"I highly recommend Elizabeth. I had spent almost two years in and out of my GP surgery being told the only solutions to my headaches, fatigue, stomach issues, hormonal issues (just to name a few symptoms) could only be rectified by taking prescription medication.

Sam Hemming, Stoke on Trent

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